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Encouragement for Catholic Mothers: Prayers and Stories of Faith

Every Mother’s Day, the Basilica features posts on the blog honoring and uplifting mothers in the faith – from highlighting the stories of mother saints and mothers of the Bible, to offering virtual tours of the places Mary is honored as Mother in the Basilica. Now, as we approach Mother’s Day this year, we invite you to read this selection of Mother’s-Day-themed posts from the Basilica.

Mary Virtual TourMary Mother of the Church: A Virtual Tour

For Catholics, Mary isn’t simply the mother of Christ – she is mother to all the faithful. Mary was first given the title Mother of the Church in 1964 by Pope Paul VI, in recognition of her role in guiding the faithful in spiritual growth. Take this virtual tour to explore the different ways Mary is depicted as the Mother of the Church in the art of the Basilica.

Byzantine Madonna3 Prayers for Mothers

With the celebration of Mother’s Day, we thank the Lord for the mothers in our lives, lifting them up in prayer. Charged with guiding rising generations, they inspire us with their strength, resolve, and love. Whether you know someone who is expecting, someone who is a new mother, or simply wish to pray for the mothers in your community, we hope these prayers serve as a helpful resource for you.

Our Lady of Divine Providence Oratory10 Verses for Mothers

God uses mothers to shepherd children through life’s joys and hardships, teaching them to love God and equipping them to face the world’s challenges in His strength. We invite you to meditate on these 10 verses for mothers – reflecting on the gift of motherhood and the gift mothers are to us, as well as offering mothers words of peace and comfort for times of difficulty.

Mary Mother of Mankind statueA Tribute to Mary, Mother of Mankind

On May 8, 1937, the day before Mother’s Day of that year, the National Shrine unveiled the Mary, Mother of Mankind statue. It was the first work of art commissioned by the National Shrine, and today it remains the focal point of Memorial Hall, reminding us of Mary’s motherhood over all the human race. Learn more about this stunning work of art and why we honor Mary as Mother of Mankind.

Mary, Protector of the Faith StatueA Tribute to 3 Mothers of the Church

Take a moment to reflect on the stories of three mother saints who are portrayed in the Basilica. These mothers of the Church demonstrated an abundant love for Christ through their care for the young and the vulnerable in their communities and throughout the world. May their faith and dedication to Christ serve as an inspiration for your own devotion.

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St. MonicaSt. Monica: The Patron Saint of Mothers

Born in the 4th century, St. Monica is recognized as the patron saint of mothers. Her faith and dedication to motherhood played a pivotal role in the spiritual formation of one of the most brilliant philosophers and well-known saints of all time – Saint Augustine, her son.

Memorial Hall Frances Xavier CabriniThe Church’s Great Mothers: 4 Saints Who Were Devoted Mothers

Behind every generation of devoted servants for Christ there is a generation of devoted mothers. Faithful mothers teach their children about divine truths, they take their children to church, and instill in them Christian virtues. Reflect on the lives of some of the most devout mother saints, whose devotion to the sacred vocation of motherhood and sacrifices for their children and God serve as cause for inspiration.

Our Lady of Ireland ChapelIn Celebration of Mothers: A Look at Faithful Mothers of the Bible

Throughout the Bible, we see depictions of faithful mothers who trusted the Lord, and in turn, were blessed. We also see others who were blessed with the Lord’s steadfastness, even when their faith faltered. From Hannah and Jochebed to Loise and Eunice, these mothers of the Bible all have something to teach us.

Perpetual Enrollment for Mothers

Show your heartfelt gratitude to the extraordinary women in your life — both living and deceased — by enrolling them in the Perpetual Enrollment for Mothers.

The Virtues of Mary: A Virtual Tour
Virtually Tour the Basilica Gardens