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Basilica Blog

The Holy Spirit in the Art of the Basilica

As we celebrate Pentecost, it is a special reminder to the faithful to honor the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Explore seven places where He is portrayed in the Basilica with symbols of doves, fire, and more, gracing windows, mosaics, sculptures, and more.

Symbols of the Sea at the Basilica

On May 22, the Church celebrates the National Day of Prayer for Mariners and People of the Sea, honoring all who work or travel on the seas. As we observe this day of remembrance, we invite you to discover where you can find symbols of the sea in the National Shrine…

Siblings in Scripture: Part I

In this new series, we invite you to read about the siblings of the Bible and what lessons we can learn from their lives.

4 Saints to Know This May

rom brave missionaries like Damien of Molokai to the disciple who replaced Judas, these saints each have something to teach us.

3 Places to Find the Ascension in the Basilica

The Ascension serves as the ultimate demonstration of Jesus’ power over death, inaugurating His reign over heaven and earth as the living King. As you meditate upon this Glorious Mystery this week, we invite you…

St. Athanasius’ Battle Against Arianism

In the fourth century, St. Athanasius was at the forefront of the theological fight against Arianism. His opposition won him many enemies, and throughout his lifetime, he continued to battle the heresy along with a slew of false accusations, lawsuits, and attacks.

Who were Saint Philip and Saint James the Younger?

Out of the 12 men called by Jesus to be disciples, Saints Philip and James the Younger are generally less well-known than many of their peers.

5 Must-Read Books for Catholic Moms

In this Basilica Book Club post, we explore five books for Catholic moms, covering a variety of topics from the practical to the spiritual.