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The Basilica’s Top 10 Blogposts of 2022

From posts featuring prayers for married couples to inspiring verses about God’s mercy, the Basilica blog covers a broad range of topics – but throughout each and every one, our goal remains the same: to give the faithful guidance as they seek to grow in their faith. Today, we invite you to read the top 10 posts of 2022 and strengthen your own devotion.

10. Meet Crossley Hawn, an Award-Winning Basilica Staff Soprano

Award-winning vocalist Crossley Hawn has sung with the Basilica for over a decade, uplifting countless audiences with her clear voice and keen musical sensitivity. She has achieved a number of significant milestones – from singing for presidents and performing on a Grammy-award winning recording to meeting her husband in the choir!

9. Prayers for Married Couples 

Marriage is a gift from God – a profound representation of Christ’s relationship with the Church. Through marriage, Christ seeks to not only draw the husband and wife closer to each other, but also to Himself, helping them grow in love and selflessness. Today, we invite you to reflect on these prayers for marriage, love, and the family – whether you wish to lift up those in your community or your own marriage to God.

8. Who is the Patron Saint of Lost Things?

Remembered for his magnificent oratory skills and astute thinking, St. Anthony of Padua is the patron saint of lost things. Learn about how he was plucked from obscurity into a great calling, and discover where he is portrayed in the Basilica.

7. Where is Jesus Mentioned in the Old Testament?

Theologians and philosophers have puzzled over the mystery of the Incarnation for centuries, wondering how it could be that the King of the Universe came to the earth to suffer and die for us. Perhaps the answer will never be fully revealed to us until the end of time, but one thing is clear: the Incarnation was part of God’s plan from the beginning.

In this post, we explore some of the Old Testament passages prophesying Christ’s Passion, meditating on the Scriptures that demonstrate the sovereignty of our God.

6. What Books of the Bible Did Solomon Write?

During the reign of Solomon, the people of Israel flourished – after defeating their enemies under King David, they dwelt in security and prosperity under Solomon’s wise rule. We can still learn from Solomon’s wisdom by reading the books of the Bible he wrote, which offer spiritual guidance and encouragement. Learn more about King Solomon in this Biblical Figures post.

5. 10 Verses About God Our Father

When we confess our sin and accept Christ into our hearts, God adopts us into His family as sons and daughters – a relationship that we are eternally grateful for. Reflect on these 10 verses and learn how God loves and cares for us as Father – and how He calls us to live as His children.

4. Who Was the Disciple Who Replaced Judas? 

After Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus, the disciples appointed another man to serve alongside them as they strove to fulfill the Great Commission that Jesus had given them. Though we do not know much about the man they chose, we know that his name was Matthias, and that he was a godly man who had witnessed much of Jesus’ earthly ministry. Learn more about Matthias and why his story is important.

3. 10 Verses About God’s Mercy

Christ’s sacrifice is the greatest gift of mercy ever given. Though we are sinful, fallen creatures, Christ gave His life for us so that we could be freed from death and spend eternity with Him. Reflect on these 10 verses as we joyfully praise God, thanking Him for giving us freedom and hope in His son Jesus.

2. Who Are the Three Angels Named in the Bible? 

From worshippers and messengers to guardians and warriors, angels have a variety of roles throughout the Bible. In this post, learn more about Saints Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael and what the Bible tells us about their service to the Lord.

1. Why Did Esau Trade His Birthright for Stew?

The conflict between Jacob and Esau is easily one of the most well-known sibling rivalries in the Old Testament. Jacob’s quiet, reflective nature rendered him less favored by his father Isaac than his strong brother Esau – but Esau’s petty obstinance would ultimately prove to be his downfall.

Interested in learning more about the history and art of the Basilica, and the traditions of Catholicism?

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