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Art of the Basilica

Jesuit Saints of the Basilica: A Tribute

Discover the stories of some of the most influential Jesuit fathers who are featured in marble statues in the West Apse.

Saints of the Crypt Church: A Virtual Tour Pt. I

Uncover the stories of the saints of the East Apse – five women whose bravery and commitment to the cross continue to inspire Catholics around the world today.

Basilica Insider: Making the Trinity Dome

Today, we are offering you an inside look into the making of the Trinity Dome, the largest and final dome installed at the National Shrine.

Guide to Art: The Rosary Garden

Completed in 2017, the Rosary Walk and Garden provides a peaceful space for prayer and meditation outside the Basilica…

The Five Domes of the Basilica: A Virtual Tour

The Great Upper Church of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception is composed of five distinctive…

A Guide to Basilica Art: The Exterior of the Basilica

In today’s Guide to Art post, we invite you to explore the Basilica’s intricate exterior relief carvings and what they represent.

The Triumph of the Lamb Mosaic: The Imagery of Revelation

Spanning 3,340 square feet, The Triumph of the Lamb dome mosaic is the culmination of the five domes in the…

Basilica Insider: The Great Dome

The Great Dome is one of the two visual hallmarks of the National Shrine. Covered in glistening polychrome tiles, it…

A Guide to Art: the Trinity Dome Windows

Circling beneath the Trinity Dome mosaic, 36 majestic stained-glass windows complement its shimmering gold…

Honoring Mary as the Mother of God: Virtual Art Tour

January 1 is the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, which honors Mary’s role as the Mother of the Savior.…