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A Prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe

The devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe dates back to the 16th century, when Juan Diego received a vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Teypac Hill, outside of Mexico City. Now, nearly 500 years later, the faithful around the world look to Mary under this title as patroness of the Americas and of the unborn, asking for protection and guidance.

Family praying in Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel
The faithful pray in the Chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe

As we celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe on December 12, we invite you to learn about where she is honored in the Basilica and reflect upon a prayer to her.

The Chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe

In the Basilica, the appearance of Our Lady of Guadalupe is honored in the Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel in the Great Upper Church. Its brilliant blue sinuous walls give the viewer the impression of the apparition, and are covered with the people of North, Central, and South America, carrying candles in procession to Our Lady. Cardinal Cushing, the donor of this chapel, believed that it would serve as a “visible sign of solidarity between the people of the United States and Latin America.”

Our Lady of Guadalupe close up
Mosaic detail of Our Lady of Guadalupe at the Basilica

Prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe

The chapel is inscribed with the following prayer, requesting the intercession of the Blessed Mother under her title as the Patroness of Latin America:

“Dearest Lady of Guadalupe, fruitful Mother of Holiness, teach me your ways of gentleness and strength. Hear my prayer offered with deepfelt confidence to beg this favor…. O Mary, conceived without sin, I come to your throne of grace to share the fervent devotion of your faithful Mexican children who call to you under the glorious Aztec title of “Guadalupe” the virgin who crushed the serpent. Queen of Martyrs, whose Immaculate heart was pierced by seven wounds of grief, help me to walk valiantly amid the sharp thorns thrown across my pathway. Queen of Apostles aid me to win souls for the Sacred Heart of my Savior. I plead this through the merits of your merciful Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.”


The Basilica Guidebook, ed. Dr. Geraldine Rohling

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