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A Celebration of Fatherhood: Selected Verses and Reflections

Each June, the Basilica blog features posts to help guide fathers on their journey of faith. From selections of verses exhorting fathers, to reflections on God’s fatherhood over the faithful, these posts seek to uplift and encourage fathers in their sacred vocation. As Father’s Day approaches this year, we invite you to meditate upon this collection of Father’s-Day-themed posts from the Basilica’s blog.

St. JosephSt. Joseph’s Example of Fatherhood: A Virtual Tour

Did you know that St. Joseph is featured in seven different places throughout the Basilica? As the early father of Christ, St. Joseph plays an essential role in the redemption story, serving as an example for us all as we raise children in the faith. In this virtual tour, explore the different ways Joseph is depicted in the art and architecture of the Basilica.

Presentation ChapelA Reflection on Christian Fatherhood

Fathers act as spiritual leaders in the home, offering guidance and serving as an example of godly living to their children. By protecting and providing for their families, they embody the love shown to us by our heavenly Father. May this reflection guide all Catholic fathers striving to be spiritual leaders in their homes.

St. Joseph Mosaic10 Verses for Fathers

Fatherhood is both a great blessing and a great responsibility. Throughout the Bible, fathers are encouraged to share their faith with their children, teaching them to honor God and follow His commandments. We invite you to meditate on these ten verses for fathers, reflecting on the sacred calling of fatherhood, how God’s strength can renew fathers, and how they can serve as examples of faithfulness to their families.

Trinity DomeGod, Our Loving Father

The Bible tells us that we are God’s children thanks to the work of Christ, who redeemed us and took away our sins. Through His redemptive act, and the Holy Spirit working in us, we are no longer alienated from Our Father because of our spiritual depravity. We are given new life as children in God’s family. But what does it mean to have God as our Father? How can we have a relationship with the infinite, immortal being who created us and the universe in which we exist?


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