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The Basilica’s Top 10 Blogposts of 2023

From posts featuring psalms about love to inspiring stories of the saints, the Basilica blog covers a broad range of topics. Throughout each and every one, our goal remains the same: to give the faithful guidance as they seek to grow in their faith. Today, we invite you to read the top 10 posts of 2023 and strengthen your own devotion.

10. Take the Quiz: How well do you know America’s Catholic Church?

Do you know how many visitors walk through the doors of the Basilica annually? Or how many pieces were used to create the Trinity Dome mosaic? Can you name the first reigning pope to visit? Whether you’re a long-time reader of the blog or here for the first time, we invite you to test your knowledge about the National Shrine, America’s Catholic Church, in our first-ever quiz!

9. 6 Songs to Listen to This Easter

For the observance of Holy Week and Easter, we embrace a number of practices to prepare ourselves for the celebration of the Resurrection – from meditating upon Scripture and devotions, to attending Mass. One special way to prepare your heart for Easter is to listen to sacred music reflecting the beauty and solemnity of Christ’s passion, death, and resurrection. Listen to these six songs performed by the Basilica in honor of Easter.

8. Who was Hosea in the Bible?

Throughout the Bible, the task of a prophet has rarely been easy: issue warnings and proclaim judgment; admonish God’s people for their sins and exhort them to repentance. But Hosea’s charge went beyond even that – for him, God had yet another more personal, daunting task: to take a promiscuous woman named Gomer as his wife.

7. Who is the patron saint of breast cancer patients?

On February 5, we celebrate the Memorial of St. Agatha. Known for standing firm in her faith amidst intense persecution and physical torture, Agatha is recognized as the patroness of those suffering from breast cancer and disease. Learn more about her life, legacy, and where she is portrayed in the Basilica.

6. How to Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet

The greatest gift of mercy ever given was Christ’s sacrifice. Even though we are sinful in our very nature, God loves each one of us deeply and wants us to recognize that His mercy is so much greater than our sins. Discover the history of the Divine Mercy Chaplet and pray along with us from the Crypt Church of the Basilica.

5. 5 Things You Should Know About Saint Josephine Bakhita

Do you know how old Saint Josephine Bakhita was when she was sold into slavery, or how she received her nickname? In this post, reflect on the significant impact that her ministry had on the Church and learn five things that you should know about her life and legacy.

4. 5 Things You Should Know About Saint James the Apostle

Who is St. James? The Bible tells us that he was a fisherman-turned fisher of men – one of Jesus’ 12 disciples. He was a “son of Thunder” – a man of eager disposition. And perhaps most importantly, he was a man who responded to Jesus’ call without hesitation.

3. Everything You Should Know About Our Lady of Fatima

On May 13, 1917, the Blessed Virgin Mary first appeared to three shepherd children at the Cova da Iria outside the village of Aljustrel, near Fatima, Portugal. In the months that followed, the children would see Mary five more times. Throughout these appearances, the children received prophetic messages of prayer, penance and peace. The full meaning of the miracles of Fatima would not be understood until decades beyond – and now, a century later, they continue to inspire the faithful across the globe.

2. Who was Anna in the Bible?

What does the Bible tell us about Anna? The Scriptures where she is mentioned are brief: Anna was present when Mary and Joseph brought Jesus to the temple at 40 days old, and watched as Simeon blessed Him. She lived a life of eager anticipation for Christ’s coming and testified to those in the temple about Him. Though the Bible doesn’t tell us much about her, it does reveal how her joyful witness was an enduring example of faithfulness.

1. 10 Psalms About Love

Did you know that Psalms is one of the books of the Bible that mentions love the most? The psalms reveal how the faithful are so greatly loved by God, and how they can best love Him. As we reflect on the nature of love, read these 10 psalms and strengthen your devotion.

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