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A Celebration of Gratitude: Verses, Quotes, and Reflections

As we approach the celebration of Thanksgiving, we invite you to explore a collection of posts focused on gratitude and its role in the Christian life. Learn about the significance of gratitude, reflect upon Psalms and other verses of thanksgiving, be inspired by quotes from the Holy Fathers about gratitude, and more in these posts.

Fall Basilica 10 Psalms of Gratitude

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to incline our hearts to praise the Lord, who created and sustains us in His mercy. No matter our circumstances, we who know Christ can thank God for our salvation and take comfort in the assurance of His sovereignty over our lives. We invite you to thank the Lord for His many blessings through these 10 Psalms of gratitude.

Basilica exterior fallWhat the Holy Fathers Tell Us About Gratitude

How does the practice of gratitude make a difference in our lives? As we prepare our hearts for Thanksgiving, we invite you to reflect upon the wisdom of the holy fathers on the practice of gratitude and its place in the Christian life. In this compilation of quotes, learn how thanksgiving fosters joy, draws us closer to God, and more.

Basilica Fall Exterior10 Verses About Thanksgiving

The Bible contains over 150 verses about gratitude, and countless more reflecting a general attitude of praise to the Lord. May these 10 verses encourage you to practice gratitude – throughout all seasons!

leaves on tree outside great dome A Thanksgiving Reflection on Faith and Gratitude

For those of us who are in Christ, there are so many reasons to be grateful – for God’s grace, for the gift of salvation, for the many blessings we know in the Lord. Whatever obstacles and tribulations life brings, Christ calls us to give thanksgiving through it all. In this post, we invite you to take a moment to reflect on the significance of gratitude in the Christian faith, why we give thanks to God, and why it is important.

Basilica fall exteriorCelebrating Thankfulness at the Basilica

We asked the faithful what they were grateful for at the Basilica – and why. Whether it’s Mass, music, or the sense of peace and the presence of the Lord, there is something here that makes it special to everyone. Read what the faithful have to say about the Basilica and what it means to them.

10 Quotes on Gratitude for Catholics
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