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What is Love? Reflections, Verses, and More

As we approach the time of year where many people will give special gifts and attention in the name of love, we invite you to reflect on the role of love in the lives of the faithful. Discover Psalms and other verses about love, be inspired by quotes from the Holy Fathers about the nature of love, and more in these posts.

What the Holy Fathers Tell Us About Love and Marriage

Christ demonstrated the ultimate act of love when He sacrificed His life for us on the cross, and He calls us as believers to love others as He loves us (John 15:12). But how should that love look when it comes to our spouses, families, and communities? Learn what the Holy Fathers say about the nature of love and marriage.

10 Verses About Love

God’s love cannot be limited; it can overcome anything, and it endures forever. It is out of love God made the world, and out of love that He sent His Son to die in our stead, so that we might live forever with Him in paradise. Reflect on these 10 verses as you ponder the meaning of God’s love and how we’re called to share it with others.

10 Psalms About Love

Did you know that Psalms is one of the books of the Bible that mentions love the most? The Psalms reveal how the faithful are so greatly loved by God, and how they can best love Him. Read these 10 Psalms to strengthen your devotion.

What Does the Bible Say About Love?

Love is central to the character of God – and the story of the world, from the creation of mankind, to God’s redemption of humanity through Christ’s sacrifice. It is no wonder, then, that the Scriptures are filled with praise for His enduring love. We invite you to take a few moments today to contemplate its biblical definition.

The Perfect Love of God

Relationships end, friends drift away, and even our own family members fail us at times. Human love is fickle and changing; even the strongest human love is tested in life’s trials. But God’s love is perfect, steadfast, and unchanging, and in His love, we can have strength as we face the challenges of the world.

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