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A Guide to Art: the Trinity Dome Windows

trinity Dome window crucifixionCircling beneath the Trinity Dome mosaic, 36 majestic stained-glass windows complement its shimmering gold with their vibrant blues and oranges. A gift of the Sisters of St. Joseph, the windows emphasize the importance of the Trinity and the elements of worship with their rich symbolism.

The North Windows

The north windows show Jesus as the Lamb of God, while God the Father is represented as a right hand coming from the clouds of heaven, and the Holy Spirit is depicted as a dove. Background colors of blue, gray, and white unite the trio of windows. The worship windows show a crucifix, missal, and candle.

Trinity Dome window candelabraThe East Windows

The east windows feature a sun and banner, which stand for Jesus’ Resurrection. The middle window displays the Hebrew word “Adonai” in reference to God the Father. The window for the Holy Spirit has a seven-branched candelabra, which is a picture of both the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit and the seven sacraments. The worship windows feature a monstrance, stole, and scrolls of the Torah.

Trinity Dome window chi rhoThe South Windows

The Jesus window of the south windows has a Chi-Rho — a symbol combing the first two Greek letters of Christ, as well as an Alpha and Omega, signifying His eternal nature. The God the Father window includes the Tetragrammaton (sometimes phoneticized as Yahweh) which is laid over a star of David. On the third window, a flame symbolizes the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. The worship windows feature a harp and ram’s horn, as well as a ciborium and two candles.

Trinity Dome window crownThe West Windows

A crown, scepter, and orb signify Christ’s position as king, while a throne inscribed with the Hebrew word Kadosh, meaning Holy, symbolizes God the Father. A dove hovers over a ship in the third window, representing the Holy Spirit’s guidance of the Church. The worship windows contain a thurible and incense, and a chalice, paten, host, and candle.


Basilica Guide and Tour Book, Dr. Geraldine Rohling

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